The characteristic village finds its origin in the digging of peat. The peat diggers dug up the peat-soil at the places that most suited them, mixed it in a trough and spread it out on the land to dry. After that they could cut peat from it. Ponds and lakes were formed by digging up the peat. Canals and ditches were dug to transport the peat. Because of this many houses were built on islands as it were. Islands which can only be reached by the characteristic bridges.

Nowadays the many small canals, the bridges, the picturesque farms and the beautiful garden determine Giethoorn’s image. Giethoorn especially has a lot to offer recreationally and relaxation wise. How about a lovely day of boating in a whisper boat, enjoy the picturesque centre and the beautiful nature surrounding the village? Or a tour in which an experienced skipper tells you about the history of Giethoorn, or the beautiful bike- and walking trails through the surroundings with all her cozy info-spots?


* Visit the unique Museum De Koloniehof in Frederiksoord, where you will get a taste of the turbulent times in the colonies of the “Maatschappij van Weldadigheid” (Benevolent Society) and where children will also have something to do. They can get their own taste of the museum through a treasure hunt.
* Discover the butterfly garden in Havelte, one of the largest butterfly gardens in Europe and combine this with a walk to the Hunebedden (Dolmens).

* For the hikers among us we offer various walking trails, one of the many beautiful trails is the “Laarzenpad” in the Wieden and Weerribben, a walking trail on swampy ground with an authentic pull ferry. But there are also many trails where you get to keep your feet dry.

* At half an hour drive you will find Schokland in Flevoland, an island on dry land and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Schokland is a symbol for the Dutch way of living with water and offers as much nature as culture.

* In case the weather isn’t as good, you can find Planetron Cinedrom at over a half hour drive. Dazzling performances are shown on a large dome-shaped projection screen. The Planetron also offers stargazing nights, an experience for young and old. A K’nex-exposition and competition might also entertain your children for hours.

* Something unexpected in this region is Taman Indonesia, and Indonesian park with an extremely large number of exotic birds and other animals, Indonesian Pole houses, Indonesian geckos (toke) and authentic snacks.

The above mentioned tips are a mere fraction of what Giethoorn and her surroundings have to offer. As said previously, you can spend several days in Giethoorn itself, and with the surrounding nature, culture and activities you will be able to enjoy yourself as a family, with friends or partner.

We like to make your stay are pleasant as possible!

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