About us

Freddy has been all his life in service of the hospitality industry. From the age of 17th he started weekend and summer jobs and from 1983 till the end of 2006 as entrepreneur in Giethoorn as owner of restaurant ‘t Vonder, Smits Paviljoen and camping Smits Paviljoen. In 2007 he started with Hotel Brasserie de Pergola and also from 2011 Pancakehouse Jantje in Giethoorn.

Miriam has also her roots in services but initially more in health care and business services. Till 2007 she had serveral leadership roles until she started to work as an entrepreneur. She get more interested in the hospitality industry and from 2010 she and Freddy are working together in their establishments.

Both Freddy as Miriam want to have a pleasant, informal atmosphere in the Brasserie and the hotel. To enjoy is the top priority and that’s their basis for hospitality!

In recent years we have made many alterations to be able to offer hospitality in a contemporary way. The restaurant and kitchen have been completely renovated, there are great seats were you can comfortably enjoy lunch or dinner. The conservatory for a sunny place to enjoy breakfast or any other meal. New beds for a restful sleep, restyling hotelrooms, renovated bathrooms, updated boats, building a good shelter for electric bikes etc. This will be put through in the coming years.

Since January the 1th 2018 are Elina Boers (years the assistent of Freddy and Miriam) and daughter Mariska Kuipers responsible for the management. Elina has done the study Hospitality Management and has worked more then 6 years as manager Front office before this new step. Mariska has done the study Business Management, Law and Economics, has worked several years in the Human Resource Business and has worked from her 13th in the companies of her parents.

Their entousiasm, experiences and feeling for hospitality gives a new spirit in the company. And Freddy and Miriam will have more time for other things. Freddy is fullfilling his boysdream and works 2 days a week as a truckdriver. Miriam is also socially involved in the local politics.

For you, as a guest, there will be no changes. We will only be work with more energy and more ideas!


Freddy, Miriam, Elina & Mariska